Safety of funds

At VEER GLOBAL HUB Markets safeguarding of your funds is our top priority. The highest protection level is ensured through deposits in segregated accounts with Mauritius bank which is controlled by Government ..

Is My Money Secure at VEER GLOBAL HUB Markets?

Yes. VEER GLOBAL HUB Markets would like to assure you that it maintains separate accounts in which your money is kept with reputable mauritius Financial Institutions. These accounts are 100% liquid in order for funds held to be readily available on a same day value. Further, there is absolutely no familiarity bias involved in the choice of these financial institutions and such institutions are chosen exclusively on the basis of financial soundness while additional safety is ensured through diversification. Furthermore, VEER GLOBAL HUB Markets has established an adequate organizational arrangement designed to minimize the risk of loss or diminution of client assets, or of rights in connection with those assets, as a result of misuse, poor administration or negligence.