How may I make an enquiry in relation to my trading account?

VEER GLOBAL HUB to ensure that all customer enquiries are with promptly and effectively.
We are committed to assist you in any enquires which you might have regarding your trading account. Preferably account enquires should be submitted in writing via email to support@Veer global hub.com.
Please include the following details in the enquiry: Name and Surname, Account Number, order number and details about your enquiry. Your enquiry will be acknowledged and VEER GLOBAL HUB will strive to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
VEER GLOBAL HUB has replied to my enquiry but I am not satisfied with the reply. What is my next step?
You may contact VEER GLOBAL HUB Compliance Officer at inquiry@Veer global hub.com. who will look into your enquiry. VEER GLOBAL HUB Compliance Officer will independently review your enquiry and will inform you of its outcome.
I am still not satisfied with the manner in which my enquiry was handled. What shall I do?
You have to visit to office only so we can discuss with coffee