About Us

VEER Global Hub is a leading broker in the market for CFD’s, stocks, options, currencies and commodities. VEER Global Hub specializes in financial products trading on OTC markets. Our goal is to provide our customers with advanced technological solutions through our trading platform and support of highly professional local teams, to help our clients achieve success in their investments. Our mission is to offer our customers an optimal environment for derivatives trading on the currency markets, stocks, commodities, indices, etc. We offer products ideal to create structures and strategies perfect on each market condition. Technological innovation and professional services offered by local teams in local language of each country & state, has made us an undisputed leader and allows us to continue to grow and spread in Asia market .

VEER global hub will be giving information about the market & the Free training will be provided.


We have always striven to provide excellent customer support to deliver arguably one of the best trading environment for our traders.

Best execution, education and trading technology – everything to enhance our clients’ trading experience.


Our Mission

VEER GLOBAL HUB has taken a revolutionary approach to online Forex trading for the main purpose of delivering an unparalleled trading environment with the most competitive conditions and without any classification. Essentially all efforts have been focused on providing the most superior trading experience. Our Mission is the following:

Built for Success

Our goal is clear; to provide to all our clients with the tools and services they require for better trading, and to maximize their trading profit potential. This is reflected in our choice to use the Web Trading platform which is universally recognized as the preferred platform for traders of all levels. We will continue to invest heavily in your needs by providing the tools and services to assist you in making more informed trading decisions.

Optimized Trading

Every single aspect of the services we provide have been finely tuned down to the very last detail, in order to ensure maximum competitiveness with no compromises. We aim to provide the best trading conditions available so as to increase at the highest level the opportunity of producing profits from traders’ investment.

Simplified Approach

Having carefully evaluated every process involved in online trading, we have actively taken steps to simplify every action and eliminate entirely impediment that may be a source of confusion for you. By taking a straightforward approach on all operations, we effectively streamline all areas of your interaction starting with the initial account registration to withdrawal of profits.